Aleph Bet Preschool is Richmond’s premiere Jewish preschool for children of all Jewish backgrounds. Our Montessori-inspired curriculum and low child–to-teacher ratio, enables us to nurture every child’s unique rhythm of development, inspiring confidence through independence.

Aleph Bet’s homelike setting and warm, loving environment ensures a gentle transition from home to school for new preschoolers. The calm, soothing atmosphere provides children the necessary feeling of safety and security to explore, learn and have fun. The broad, balanced and exciting curriculum offers endless opportunities for intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development.

At Aleph Bet, Judaism is not just a subject. Woven into activities throughout the day is a vibrant Jewish component, which not only teaches the children about Shabbat, Jewish holidays and Jewish customs, but also instills a sense of belonging, pride and excitement in being part of the Jewish people.

The staff at Aleph Bet is second to none. Their devotion to each child is paralleled with the required skill and patience to teach self-control and respect for others in a group.

Preschool Year: Tuesday, September 5 , 2023 to Friday, May 31, 2024